Our Heritage

We are here to help you set yourself apart and guide you on your journey to the all father.

For a long time, I have looked across the Internet and from store to store in order to find something that truly incorporates my values and love for Norse Mythology. Jarl's Corner is here to fill the gap. 
Starting up in 2019, the journey has begun to supply the UK with Nordic and Viking jewellery fit for a Jarl. For us, the rainbow bridge will take us to supplying the world with trinkets our ancestors would be proud of.

Our Journey

As the Vikings did before, we will disrupt the market with a set of products that have been highly recommended and hand picked to ensure that we can become sustainable. Once this has been achieved, we will look to other sources such as Amazon to provide the best quality relics from across the world. All our products are handmade in collaboration with artists all over the world and especially from UK, Europe and Asia.
We are new, but with your help we will bring the old god back, start our own collection of books, jewellery and clothing and collaborate with experts across the field. Tell us about your experience at Jarl's Corner, its the only way we will improve!
As the Viking spread across the world, so will we.