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Elder Futhark Rune: FEHU

Definition Fehu means “wealth,” or “cattle.” In Old Norse it is Fe. It’s meaning is along the lines of acquired wealth, cattle, or livestock. In the past, our ancestors considered cattle and livestock as wealth that was acquired, not inherited wealth from the family or clan.

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Blog: The Viking King who would rather be buried alive

Harald Finehair is, without doubt, one of the most famous Vikings in history, most famous for becoming the first king of a unified Norway an achievement accomplished by brutal and deadly means. Finehairs reputation & word of his ultimate goal would have spread quickly across the land as would word of his many victories. Many leaders would’ve been left with one of two options once being faced with Harald, flight back or voluntarily hand over their lands. There was one King though who settled on neither of those options & instead opted to have himself buried alive rather than be defeated..The King was called Herlaug & he ruled over a region of northern Norway & had a reputation for being...

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Viking Shield Maidens

The existence of female warriors has been a topic of long-running debate within the historical community for decades. Standardised history tells us that only Viking men could have been warriors but there are many tales amongst Norse mythology that would suggest otherwise.

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